Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum to open a Beyoncé Fashion Exhibit


Beyoncé’s relevance to the music and fashion worlds is totally undeniable, her music videos, her live performances, it’s all done to a very high standards, so it’s more than fair that she will get such an honour.

The Rock Hall announced today (Friday, 18th of July) that some of her famous outfits will be open to the public view on Tuesday, July 22nd in the “Legends of Rock” section of the museum.

Legendary outfits like the leotard from the “Single Ladies” music video and the body suit, skirt and jacket she wore on her amazing Superbowl performance are just some of item that will be on display for her fans to admire.


Apparently the museum have been trying to get Queen B on board for an exhibition for a long time and finally she accepted. Reports also say that Beyoncé was willing to send a lot of stuff.


She has sent over even the beautiful Givenchy dress that she wore at the Met Gala early in the year, on that infamous night when the Solange and Jay-Z drama exploded.

The only bad thing to this amazing event is that is going to take place in Cleveland, Ohio, I’m not dissing Ohio ok!!! Is just that if it was in New York it would be a lot easier for us to go there and take a closer look to those amazing outfits.

But we can look through the internet I suppose, or dream, that one day they will decide to take the exhibition to other cities, maybe even countries.

Members of the “Bey-Hive” it doesn’t matter where they are…

We all deserve to see those pieces!!!

Maybe a petition??? Hummmm….


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