Rumour has it: Katy Perry is set to perform at the “Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show”


According to Billboard, Katy Perry will take the stage of so desired stage in America, beating up some heavy names in popular music.

Besides revealing the names of the NFL’s desirable performers, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Green Day and Coldplay, with Katy Perry as the alleged chosen one, the source also said that the NFL league could be asking the some of those artists for some sort of financial contribution to the league, suggesting that this “contribution” could be given to them once the artist have cashed-in a lot of dollar notes after their slot to perform on the most expensive break in television.

Whoever takes the stage to entertain the nation during 13 minutes, gets so much exposure, albums sales rise up like crazy, tour tickets go in a matter of second.

It’s kind of win-win situation I think but I’m sure that is not that easy.

Katy Perry appeared on a “ESPN” show a few days her name was confirmed and her response for all the gossip was: “I’M NOT THE KIND OF GIRL WHO WOULD PAY TO PLAY THE SUPER BOWL.”


Even with Katy trying to end with all the talking, Billboard raised some points that are true, I couldn’t agree more with them.

According to Billboard, Katy Perry should play the NFL Super Bowl because:

1 – The exposition that she would get it’s huge

2 – Most of her music catalogue is family friendly

3 – She could have the biggest/elaborated set ever!!!

4 – And much more…

But so far, it’s all a bunch of rumours, neither Katy Perry or the NFL have spoked about it.

Billboard published the exciting news on their website and since then we can’t control our excitement, picturing in our heads how amazing the show is going to be, that is if the sources who passed the information to Billboard are to be trust-worthy.

Come on, LET US KNOW!!!!


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