RuPaul opens up for “OUT” magazine about success,legacy and more!!!


RuPaul has a career of more than 20 years, from the “Supermodel Of The World” days to “RuPaul’s Drag Race” world domination, he achieved a level of success that no other drag queen has ever gotten close but that hasn’t changed him at all. Since winning his first Emmy Award and with the huge success of the second season of “All Stars” he’s been getting more exposure than ever and that’s great because we love to learn more about him, his life and everything that is RuPaul Andre Charles.

OUT magazine sat down with momma Ru herself for a relaxed but yet insightful chat, talking about Ru’s drag empire, lifestyle, success and legacy.

The chat starts with a good question on if finally being recognised by the mainstream media with both the Emmy win and the huge popularity of his drag competition reality television show has changed the way he thinks about himself, Ru said: “NO, GETTING AN AWARD WAS NEVER THE HOLY GRAIL FOR ME. IF THAT WAS MY GOAL, I WOULD HAVE QUIT A LONG TIME AGO”.


In the current season of “All Stars 2” Ru wants the talented queens to take their second shot on the show as an opportunity to cement their names and create their legacy, so he talks about his own legacy: “MY LEGACY IS THE GIRLS WHO LAUNCHED THEIR CAREERS FROM OUR SHOW. OVER 100 GIRLS ARE WORKING AROUND THE WORLD, INSPIRING YOUNG PEOPLE WITH THEIR STORIES AND COURAGE”.

There’s no denial that “Drag Race” has brought the drag culture from the underground to the mainstream, the audience gets involved with the stories told on the show, share experiences, relate to the competitors and learn about a culture that is not very known even to gay people like myself and since season 1 back in 2009 my life has changed because of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. The show is educational but let’s not forget to mention how funny and entertaining it is also, all the shade thrown left and right, some of the queen’s behaviour is hilarious!!!


The show’s influence has been massively discussed with articles published in publications like The New York Times and many others, so is no surprise that Logo renewed the show for a ninth season.

He gives some insight on how his journey to the top played out, all the people he met along the way and most importantly, he points out that one of the main thing is, that all good things come once you realise who you are, what is your life’s purpose and start loving and accepting yourself, otherwise how you going to love somebody else???

I recommend this piece, is very good and just FYI… my article is merely a mix of the OUT article with some of my opinions. You can read the original here:

Now… can I get an amen up in here?!?!?


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