Ryan Phillippe FLOODS OUR BASEMENTS with preview of “Men’s Fitness” upcoming cover!!!

The dreamy actor Ryan Phillippe is the star that will be featured on the cover of the upcoming issue of “Men’s Fitness” and thanks to the stunning specimen we got a little taste of what’s to come after he posted a few behind the scenes pictures on his Instagram account.

At the age of 42, Ryan looks better than many of his peers by a huge margin and that’s me putting it slightly ok.

Feast your eyes on these hunties!!!

There’s no much I can say…

Ryan Phillippe has been melting our hearts and flooding our basements since “Cruel Intentions” and like a very expensive bottle of wine he keeps getting better and better and better as he gets older but let me also point out that besides the beautiful face and delicious body, he is an amazing actor!!!

While we wait for the upcoming issue of “Men’s Fitness” let’s enjoy more of the deliciousness that is Ryan Phillippe shall we???

And a bit more…

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