Shakira performs “Empire” on “The Voice UK”


The stage of “The Voice UK” got small yesterday for the huge superstar Shakira and her amazing “Empire” song.

Last night (29th of March) was the semi-final of the singing competition and to make it a special night Shakira performed her amazing new song “Empire”.


Since the end of Shakira’s emotional performance I’ve read on some websites people questioning if the diva was singing live or not.


After watching the performance a few times, my conclusion is that is was live but it had back-up vocals recorded in parts of the song that needed extra vocals.

She didn’t mime the song!!!

The way Shakira performed “Empire” is the way that normally happens on television.

It is visible the parts of the song where her vocals were live.


The only disappointing thing about Shakira’s appearance and performance on the show is that when it was first scheduled, the plan was to do “Can’t Remember To Forget You” which will also be the first live performance having Rihanna on stage with Shakira.

She performed a solo version of the song during a French music awards and since Rihanna was in London, I wonder what happened?!?!?

Still, Shakira “nailed it” with “Empire” and fuck you haters!!!




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