Shakira – The self-titled new album is out – “Shakira.”


The wait is finally over and the new album from the Colombian diva Shakira is out. I already got my copy and as expected, I’m loving the album as the minutes pass by and already picking my favourite tracks.

The self-titled album lives up to all my expectations and a bit more.

Shakira is one of those artists that you know that they only release an album or single when they know that the material is up to a very high standards.

She set the bar really high by giving us “Can’t Remember To Forget You” that besides being a great track, features one of the biggest pop stars at the moment in the shape of the amazing and incredible Rihanna.


The first track is Dare (La La La): a club banger, very uptempo with a Euro-pop sound to it that gets into your mind straight away with its electronica sound.


Track number two I don’t have to describe… Shakira and Rihanna, an unexpected but perfect duet that works in many levels. I think in levels that most people never thought it would work.


The super ballad on the album is the amazing “Empire” that is powerful and has beautiful vocals over a solo piano with an explosive tone that gives me goosebumps, plus the lyrics are just so romantic and passionate.


With lines like: “Should have never helped you become/So powerful, But I saw a champion in your eyes” track number four “You Don’t Care About Me” is an obvious dig at her ex boyfriend and a theme that is very familiar in Shakira’s previous records.

Track number five is “Cut Me Deep” and is another song with some reggae influence but Shakira mixed that with a bit of rock and that old “No Doubt” sound, called “ska” I think.

The rock influence on Shakira’s sound is obvious on this track full of power guitars, track number six is “Spotlight” and also has rather deep lyrics.

Already one of my favourite songs on the album is “Broken Record” with its love orientated lyrics: “And I’ve said it 700 times, I don’t need to keep looking…you are the one” makes me feel mellow and all romantic, just like “Empire” this one is a power ballad that will sound amazing live.


The duet with Blake Shelton in “Medicine” is a cool mix of country and pop.

Track number nine called “23” was written for her husband and shows an innocent and vulnerable side of the singer that is nice to know that is there.


Like every pop star who has a baby, Shakira wrote “The One Thing” for her son Milan and the result is a pop track that sounds happy and has a childish element to it.

Included on the album is the Spanish version of her duet with Rihanna that in Spanish is “Nunca Me Acuerdo De Olvidarte” that has only Shakira’s vocals and the last track on the album is a translation from Catalan to Spanish that is nothing special.

The album has a second cover, with the only difference from the official/first cover being the fact that all the colours are more vivid.


The album is Shakira doing what she does best and that is, mix different sounds and styles with some deep and some fun lyrics.

An album that it was definitely made with love and based on life experiences.


I give 10 out of 10. Shakira is a true artist and I can’t wait for a new tour!!!


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