Shakira’s fierce latest collaborations – WATCH HERE!!!

Not long ago we loved “Chantaje” but now we’ve got two new combos of track/music video to enjoy thanks to the super talented and fierce Shakira as the Colombian superstar continues to prove her star power when it comes to be a smash hit and get millions of views on YouTube.

Late last year Shakira released the very sexy track and music video for the song “Chantaje”, featuring the rather handsome singer Maluma and before we knew the song was a hit and the video reached the millions mark of views on YouTube.

It’s no news that Shakira is a power to be reckoned with when it comes to be a hit with viewers on YouTube, so is no surprise that her latest pop work has made a considerable impact on YouTube and music charts all over the place.

Not long ago (March 24th), Prince Royce released the latest music video for the February released single “Deja Vu” that features Shakira, the song quickly became a hit thanks to the beautiful vocals and its salsa/pop/bachata sound, the video was much-anticipated by the fans of both singers and since its release on YouTube the video has reached the 30 million plus number of views.

“Deja Vu” is a great video that was beautifully done and shows both singers in a kind of seduction chase/game of love in some sort of music club, Shakira looks sweet but yet fierce, wearing leg warmers and a very body hugging black dress that shows off her amazing figure, Shakira nails it from beginning to end, dancing with a few handsome guys before giving herself to Prince Royce.

This was the first time they’ve worked together and I hope that it wasn’t the last because their chemistry is amazing. Their vocals work very well together.

Shakira gives him a run for his money by doing a “dance of love” that is packed with passion and fierceness, with things getting almost get too hot for him.

Check it out:

She looks amazing all the way!!! Her body looks absolutely amazing!!!

Shakira’s most recent collaboration to become a hit on YouTube is the video for “Comme Moi”, a reggaeton track that Shakira worked on with France’s famous rapper Black M and if wasn’t for the Colombian superstar appearance on the track/video combo would have been gone unnoticed by many of us.

“Comme Moi” is the latest single released by the rapper and thanks to Shakira the video has garnered more than 3 million views in a matter of only 4 days even though the video looks like it was made on a low-budget and the song is not that great.

Shakira once again plays the femme fatale, fierce, sexy bitch that we love and she also serves severe sexy appeal and realness in some hot outfits, like a latex bodysuit and a secretary inspired lacy look.

She’s pure passion and sexiness throughout the video, it reminds me of the “She Wolf” era and I freakin’ love it!!! And again she looks absolutely amazing from head to toe!!!

Watch now:

I hope that she’s warming us up for the release of her upcoming new album and that those songs and videos are a little taste of what’s to come.

Bring it on Shakira, we love you but just so you know this wait is unbearable!!!


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