Solange Live at Coachella Music Festival 2014


After reading on-line, I found out that Solange has played in most music festivals last year to promote her EP “True”, the reason I say that is because I thought she was taking a break from music and I was just being a fashionista, a mom, Beyoncé sister. Not playing at “Coachella”, well how wrong and uninformed was I hey!!!  

I loved her first album, so I was looking forward to watch her set on the massive and relevant “Coachella Music Festival” and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

She looked fierce with the big afro and a bright orange outfit that was perfect for her.

Solange’s set was uplifting, sweet and well performed, at the end of the day she comes from the Knowles family!!!

Her voice is sweet but yet strong. She did a great job on stage.


When she got to the last song of her set “Losing You, her big sister jumped next to her on stage and did the routine and both of them just seemed like they were having a great time, which in my opinion was the perfect way to finish her set.

The crowd went crazy once they realised who was dancing next to Solange and on that relaxed and happy vibe her time was up.


The pictures are so cute and it is so good to see sisters supporting each other.


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