“The Drag Queens of London” – A brand new series


A brand new television channel, London Live is bringing out a new reality/documentary series that has everything to become a hit. The show is “The Drag Queens of London” and its aim is to offer the audience an insight view on the lives of famous drag queens in the London scene.

Divided in 10 episodes of one hour each, the show will highlight the struggles, victories, the glamour, the fierceness, the talent and life in general of 10 drag queens that work, play and survive in the madness that is London.

Some of the show stars that will be serving fish are Baga Chipz, Lady Lloyd, Munroe Bergdorf, Meth, Dusty O and Rosie Beave.


I’m not really out and about on the scene in London but I do recognise some names and seen some faces but I don’t know much or anything about them, so I am very interested to follow the show, put my “reading” glasses on and maybe learn a thing or two from the fabulous queens.

The show starts on April 22nd at 10pm with weekly episodes.

Stay tuned!!!


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