The library is open!!! Bianca Del Rio “reads” and advices – WATCH!!!

Bianca Del Rio speaks her mind about some celebrities who in 2016 were the biggest douche bags and assholes and gives some advises on how we should face some situations during the holiday season in two video segments of her new project “Not Today, Bianca”.

Del Rio is known for being…

And very witty, smart, opinionated and shady…

Let’s not forget that she’s also very judgie…

Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love her for it and in true Bianca form she says like it is and lists the celebrities that need to do better in 2017 and if they can’t, they might as well die in a new video.

Check it out:

Bianca also gives some advises on how to face the holiday season, she keep things real on this one:

We can always count on “Hurricane Bianca” to say what we all think right???

She can read a bitch like no one can!!!

Click to Cher:
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