Beyoncé “The Mrs. Carter World Tour 2014” Live in London (28/02/14)


Well…I just got back home…and I’m shattered!!! All sweaty and still shaking!!! The adrenaline is still running through my body… I couldn’t stay until the end for personal reasons but as if she knew the situation, she changed the order of the set list and I got to see the songs I was dreaming about in action.

I had an amazing seat and I enjoyed every second that I spent inside the O2 Arena like a true fan.

As if that was my first Beyoncé concert. I took many photos with my phone but as many of you probably know, the camera on the iPhone 5 is shit.

Needless to say that she was perfect and super professional on stage.


The arena was absolutely packed… the vibe was just incredible and all the other fans around me seemed on the same high that I was… I mean happiness, excitement ok!!!!

On time, the lights went down and from that moment on all I could feel was my heart pounding so fast, my mouth got so dry, I couldn’t hold my tears and the screaming got a bit out of control.


But that’s normal right?! LOL

Beyoncé looked stunning and made sure to let us know that she was very happy that she was back in London.

Who doesn’t like to perform here? This city has an incredible vibe and it is amazing.


During “Drunk In Love” her husband Jay-Z joined her on stage, “Blow” was amazing, and the same goes for “Flawless” and “Partition” but the one that made my night was “Yonce”, it was perfection!!!

A great show… I never get tired of Beyoncé! And here’s a link of the video I made it during the concert…

Enjoy and if you can, get a ticket and go see this iconic pop vocalist do what she does best… perform!!!!!

I apologize for the video quality, I have an iPhone, so you know…


I hope she brings out a DVD of that tour…


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