The opening night of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s tour makes headlines everywhere!!!


They played the first gig last night at “Sun Life Stadium” in Miami, Florida for a full house and adoring crowd, who sang along and dance throughout the two hours set.

Even the supposed high price of the tickets didn’t scared fans away, they were there supporting their idols and making that night a historical moment!!!

With “On The Run” the concert, the elements of erotica, glamour, street-cred and even family were explored in very well produced videos, amazing performances and song choices, that Beyoncé and Jay-Z alternate between their solo catalogues, their famous duets and duets that both have recorded with others.


For instance, Beyoncé sings Justin Timberlake’s verses on “Holy Grail”.

Beyoncé’s wardrobe was basically a concert on its own, a jaw-dropping wardrobe changes helped the show entertaining side of it, when things went from glamorous to profane.


Even though Beyoncé performed hits like “Baby Boy”, “Single Ladies”, “Ring The Alarm” and “Diva”; and Jay-Z did “Jigga”, “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”, “Song Cry” and “Tom Ford”, some journalists already started to criticise the production.

Like for example, Billboard’s journalist Leila Cobo has said “it was a rather detached show”, with the tightly choreographed and timed to the second arrangement impacting on the couple’s spontaneity.


The couple managed to give what each of its members of the audience wanted, appealing equally to male and female fans.

The Bonnie & Clyde storyline was delivered well throughout the evening, with an almost industrial-looking stage, both stars took the audience on a journey of fashion.


No guests acts appeared on stage, even the appearance of a band member or back-up singer was rare.

According to another journalist, Beyoncé showcased her powerful vocals, connecting with her audience and making every one of her songs a visual experience.


New songs, taken of her last album “Beyoncé”, were part of the set list, like “Pretty Hurts” and “Partition” bringing the crowd to a frenzy.

One of the most talked about sections of the show, is when Queen Bey appears on stage wearing a very but I mean, very revealing outfit. Maybe the most daring piece of clothing she have ever worn in her career.


Some of Queen B’s classics got new version and the crowd loved it.

A critic has said that “On The Run” was a “very finely tuned performance… one song bled seamlessly into the other, with brief musical interludes or snippets of films serving as transitions”.

She has also praised the stripped-down numbers, like Beyoncé’s “Haunted”.


She finished with, “clearly the idea was to show the real Mr. and Mrs. Carter”, the show was about love, but its execution disappointed. Then she said, “but of course, we know that they aren’t like you or me.”

Intimate images of their wedding appear on the screen, before embracing his wife Jay-Z said, “We celebrate love tonight,” showing how strong the couple is in hopes to end once and for all the rumours about their break-up.


Is interesting to see how people are reacting to this tour, I’ve read so much stuff on-line that my brain is starting to fail.

This post was based on the article written by Leila Cobo for Billboard and you can find her full version on Billboard’s official website.

All I’ve done was “adapt” a bit, I’m not dissing her opinion, nor I’m pretending they are mine.

I’m just a fan, sharing information with others!!!

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