The Saturdays – “Living For The Weekend”

OMG… I can’t believe that I waited that long to sit down and listen to the new album released by the cutest girl band ever… The Saturdays!!! I have downloaded the album ages ago and completely forgot about it in one of my music folders just waiting for my full attention.

But life has been really busy and on top of that Beyoncé released the “Visual Album”.

Here I am, I finally with some time to listen careful and listen good to the girls new material and I’m pleased with the songs and my first and most certain opinion is that the sound couldn’t be more Saturdays even if they re-worked the album. Which is a good thing!!!

I’ve read some reviews on-line about the record and of course there were some good and some bad reviews.

The bad ones probably given by people who are not even on the age group that the band aim at, so fuck them!!!

Every single track is fun, sweet, happy, camp, poppy and that is the sound of The Saturdays.

In my opinion, in times of annoying One Direction and Little Mix, The Saturdays give us hope that pop groups can still be good.


The first single of this album “What About Us” was on constant repeat on my iPod, I really like “Gentlemen” but overall the album is fun and easy to listen to.

It did well on the charts, it continued the normal positions for the girls, around the top 5,10 and that’s fine.

They didn’t make it in America….

So? The show was great and I read in many sites that the reason for the show ending it was that the American audiences thought that they were too nice…. but surprise, surprise that over there they like the bitches who stab each other but not the real friends who enjoy each others company and do what they love together.

It’s their loss!!!


On this album they worked with some great producers like DarkChild and Diane Warren.

I can only imagine how cool that was!!!

The new single taken from the album is “Not Giving Up” and is another party song, the video is visually beautiful, girlie, relaxed and camp…. again…. very The Saturdays!!!

Here’s the new video:


They are amazing… buy the album and enjoy!!!!

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