The trailer for “Horrible Bosses 2” is out and it’s hilarious!!! Jennifer Aniston is EVERYTHING!!!


Jennifer Aniston is just amazing, I love the woman, even if she farts in a can, I’ll buy it ok. But on the trailer of the sequel for “Horrible Bosses”, she’s taking things to a different level, her comedy skills are improving with every movie.

Her character on “Horrible Bosses” was just hilarious and I couldn’t be happier that she’s reprising that sexy crazy dentist.

If the full movie has the same intensity that the first trailer shows, we are in for a treat!!!

Check it out the first trailer for “Horrible Bosses 2” that was released a few hour ago:


It’s amazing right???

So get ready because they are coming back!!! Dr. Julia Harris is about to shut it down!!!


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