Tiffany & Co. released Lady Gaga’s ad campaign

The much awaited new campaign for Tiffany’s new jewellery line starring Lady Gaga is finally released in full after revealing that Gaga has been chosen as the face of their upcoming ad campaign during this year’s Super Bowl back in February.

Gaga is the star of the spring campaign for Tiffany’s new “HardWear Collection” and she looks absolutely gorgeous in the shots released so far.

The campaign was shot by the legendary fashion photographer David Sims, it’s very elegant and classic and timeless.

A simple but yet elegant wardrobe and makeup style works perfectly with Lady Gaga’s beautiful features, some of the pieces featured in the photographs are made of 18k gold and pure sterling silver.

The collection is set to hit the stores later this month in April 28th and prices will start from $400.

Gaga once again proves how versatile she can be and that she’s more than wacky outfits and colourful wigs, sometimes less is more that’s for sure.

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