Tom Welling is like a bottle of wine… that gets better with time


Remember that show “Smallville”? The one was based on the life of a young “Clark Kent” before he turned “Superman”. I never got really into it but I knew about it. Anyway…

“Surfing on the net” normally as you do… I found pictures of the main actor from that show, Tom Welling attending a movie première in LA recently and he looked HOT!!!

Here we have Tom back in 2004…


He’s looking really good for 37 years old and I think now that he’s older, his looking more like a “Clark Kent/Superman” kind of actor.

And on this picture,  you can see Tom nowadays…


The première was for “Draft Day” his new movie which also have Kevin Costner in the cast and tells the story of  a struggling american football coach/team, the coach being played by Costner and Welling playing the player that puts himself forward to save the day.

I can already smell box-office frenzy (NOT)!!!

But Tom gets points for looking “zeeeeeexy”… that silver beard it’s too much for me!!!


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