Victoria Beckham gives her blessing to a Spice Girls reunion – She’s definitely out!!!


I was not expecting to read this any time soon but Melanie C has said during a recent interview that a Spice Girls second reunion could happen but the next time will be with only four girls.

Not long ago Victoria Beckham gave her last say and it was very affirmative that she’s never doing a group reunion again. But on Thursday, March 27th Melanie C may have opened the gates of heaven again and making the fans have their hopes really high up by saying during an interview the following:

“We have Victoria’s blessing to reform Spice Girls as a foursome… We’ve talked about it.” she reveals and then she continues saying: “Victoria doesn’t want to, which we completely understand. We are so proud of her and her incredible foray into fashion, it’s incredible what she’s achieved as a designer.”

I am already having flash-backs and imaging a new album, a new tour and a lot more!!!

“The four of us could consider it maybe. We have Victoria’s blessing to do that.” Adds Mel C. And with that said the amazing Sporty Spice reveals that she’s working on a new album, another piece of news that made me very happy since she’s the only member of the group with real talent.


If that happens will be amazing!!!

In all fairness, Victoria was in the group for other purposes than to sing and dance.


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