“Vogue” gets in trouble because of “Kimye”


Having Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on its cover didn’t just got people talking, disappointed, with some readers saying that they’ll stop reading the magazine but because of the couple, “Vogue” now has an official complaint filed in court to them!!!

A musician is suing the magazine because on the behind the scenes video of Kimye’s controversial and ridiculous photo shoot, the song “Bound 2” taken from Kanye’s last album, plays throughout the video.

The musician in question is Ricky Spider, member of the five member vocal group Ponderosa Twins Plus One, who last year took Kanye to court for sampling one of the groups song, “Bound” and Ricky’s voice without permission.

Now Ricky Spider is suing “Vogue” for including a part of West’s “Bound 2” that heavily features his vocals on the behind the scenes video.

Spider said that his voice is in a big part of the behind the scenes video, with about 44% of the lyrics used on the footage.

Well, editors at “Vogue” should know that with bad decisions, come bad consequences.

Learn from it!!!


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